Jones Twine & Net wrap

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a family-run, B2B ag supply retailer, selling history.

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Jones Twine & Net Wrap is a company that exudes family-values and heritage. Founded in 1974 by the current CEO's grandfather, a culture of history runs deep through each office in the building.

The challenge for this project was to create an identity that spoke to that history, called to familiarity, and demonstrates the idea that a founder's heart is the core of the company.


Since this was a family run company, I started with a discovery session to get to know the business and what it stood for. The most important thing, for me, was understanding. Once I understood their mission, I got to work designing the first logo variation (above). This sparked a match for the project and led to the creation of a logo "suite".

The previous branding was very dated; using a metallic gradient, display typography, tight scripts and dull colors. The new logo needed to be bright and fresh, but call to what made the old familiar.



Agriculture uses printed material heavily, as a majority of farmers prefer it over digital solutions. The inspiration for the rebranded print material was old-fashioned ledgers—something farmers would be familiar with. Simple, segmented content with bold typography and a rugged, utilitarian feel.

We utilized heavily toothed paper, texture, and the logos themselves to accomplish this feeling. Something new, with an aged look and feel.