Why use a match, when you could just use a lighter?

what does that mean?

Matches are cheaper than lighters. They both make fire, and they can both be just as easy to use. The biggest difference is that when you start a fire with matches, you either need 10 of them or you need lighter fluid (which makes your hamburgers taste really bad). You strike one and it breaks, then you toss it in and strike another one, but that one burns your fingers and you just keep going. There has to be a better way.

You're in luck, because one day in 1823, a German chemist named Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner invented the lighter! It's easier to use, less dangerous, more efficient, and way more fun to use than a match. It's almost like the lighter is working with you as you strike it, while the matches are working against you (not that they're doing it on purpose, it's just what they're used to).

Why did I just talk about fire for two paragraphs, you may be wondering? I'm trying to draw a parallel to my work; I'm the lighter in this situation. Sure, you can probably find someone cheaper—hell you might even have a cousin that knows how to use Photoshop who could throw one together for you in an hour! (Please don't use Photoshop for your logo, like ever). Hop on Fiverr and get a logo for $5, but in a month you don't like it anymore. Have a friend put one together, but they didn't make something scalable to your business's goals.

I work with you to solve your problem...you need a fire! Matches will only get you so far, but a lighter? That can help you make whatever fire you need without burning you in the process. Sure, it costs a little more, but when you use a lighter, you aren't wasting your time throwing away 10 matches that couldn't even light your fire.


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Jacob Clark
Owner, Operator | Visible Horizon Films