A little about me

My name's Jacob, and I majored in Graphic Design at the University of Central Missouri. After years of industry experience in pre-press and print production, I'm now the full-time Art Director for Jones Twine & Net Wrap in Southern Missouri.

At first, I balanced my day job with personal creative work, like illustration or design for family and friends—this eventually garnered attention from a few local businesses. Gradually I started getting approached by larger businesses, so I decided to start my own creative studio—Lemon Creative Co. Now I get to work on tons of other projects, from brand identities to album covers to card games.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to solve the problem I'm approached with. This allows me to focus on pain points and resolve them through thoughtful design, creative strategy, and creativity in general—giving each of my clients the chance to stand out in their markets and have a unique voice is why I do all of this.

For me, design is about much more than making something look good. I believe that great design can bring a community together, support great causes, and touch consumers on a deeper, more relatable level. Regardless of what I'm working on—my goal, ultimately, is to use my work to be a positive voice in my own community and grow to be a name synonymous with work ethic, positivity, and fun.


Hiring Lemon Creative Co. should be the only graphic design decision you ever make. They can take anything you say from various questions and like a well oiled machine crank out something that is simply perfect. Beyond the quality of work they do, they also have incredible professional manners and are a joy to work with. If you want high quality design and a buttery smooth process of getting there then look no further.

Jacob Clark
Owner, Operator | Visible Horizon Films